BIRD  FOOD  &  MORE  ......

Fed up of buying bags of bird seed which contain only 50% edible seed?

Do you watch your garden birds pick out the tasty bits and throw out the rest?

Well now you can buy your preferred seed separately

or buy our own table & ground mix

(just 'the goodies')

quality bird feed seed sold separately or buy our Boat Shed Bird Mix

buy 1 kg or 20 kgs - it's up to you




1kg: 3.50     3kg: 10.00       5kg: 15.00       

peanut granules:

1kg: 3.50     3kg: 10.00     5kg: 15.00           

pinhead oats

1kg: 2.00     3kg: 5.55            

sunflower hearts:

1kg: 3.50     3kg: 8.85    5kg: 15.00            

nyger seeds:

1kg: 3.50         

table mix

1kg: 4.50        

black seed rape

1kg: 2.80         

monkey nuts

1kg: 3.75         

duck, swan & geese feed

500g bag: 2.50         

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we also sell dog treats